Michael Perez Case Study

Michael Perez Case Study

Company Overview

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Michael Perez is the CEO and owner of MP3 Cabinets Pty Ltd

MP3 Cabinets turnkey fit out solutions for Dentists.

Before working with Wilson

Before I was working with Wilson, I had a Sole Trading Cabinet making business. In a small, old, leaky factory with 2 Full time employees and 1 Part-time Admin. employee. Our main point of difference was that we made just about anything for anyone. As a business, we were spinning in circles with no direction, clear goals or vision. Our annual turnover was $400,000 p.a

After working with Wilson

Since working with Wilson, we now have a Pty Ltd Shop fitting Company. We have moved into a new factory 3 times the size with 6 Full-time employees, 3 Part-time Admin employees and 1 part-time PA.

We are a specialised niche company that provides turnkey fit out solutions to Dentists. We are presently experiencing a rapid expansion phase which has a clear vision and path. Our present annual turnover is $1,700,000 p.a. Our expected annual turnover is $4,000,000 p.a. during the next 12 months with a forecasted growth plan taking us to $10,000,000 p.a. over the next 2 years.

Overall experience of working with Wilson

My overall experience of working with Wilson has been a life changing, business transformation way beyond my wildest dreams. Wilson has encouraged us to stretch ourselves, our expectations and our dreams. Making a difference to the lives of those we love around us and their generations to come. I am no longer a Cabinet Maker with a passion for making Cabinets. I am now an Entrepreneur with a passion for Business.

What value do you get from Wilson Luna TV?

The value I get from watching Wilson Luna TV is an unlimited and invaluable source of high performance, business coaching. For me it is now the only, TV or source of information that has room in my life. An archive of many 100’s of hours of raw, unedited mentoring from Live stream seminars and events, Daily live business advice, Webinars and Interviews. For me to have the successful business that I envision, it’s no longer just TV its Air.



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