Chris Green

CEO/Founder C2C Global

“From high-risk to risk free. As a single operator working in an industry that has significant risk, I was tired of working project to project with no idea of where the next job was coming from. I decided that if this was going to change, i had to do things differently, so I found an expert business coach with a proven track record and committed to a whole new journey. Fast forward 7 years and the business has transformed in ways I never thought possible. By niching and specialising, we have virtually removed the risk from the business. We have become the expert consulting firm in the international education industry, dominating the sector nationwide, while building a highly profitable business with huge asset value and a massive end game!”

Anna Garcia

Director Relationships Intensive

“Going from over 100k in debt and fear paralysis around sales to profitably filling up events month on month within 12 months, growing one of UK’s most sought after female events.

During COVID-19 lockdown, we doubled the team, outgrew original venues and grew what is rapidly becoming one of UK’s top female networks.

Participating in this growth hacking business network with an extraordinary coach has allowed me to exceed all expectations during the most uncertain times.”

Wendy Clarke

CEO The Rent Guarantee Company.

“The Rent Guarantee Company was built in Wilson’s room. We have gone from a standing start in a new industry to building a £2.6million business a & star team of 7 that has allowed us to double the size & revenue year on year. For 5consecutive years. Even through COVID.Because of COVID we will go from £2.6 – £5million turnover.

The vision for this next financial year is to build a business that is twice as profitable in half the time with half the amount of work. Whilst and more importantly as compared to my old business, is by having even more fun along the way. Once I committed to my goal of business growth then there was no better person than Wilson to give me the guidance along the way and to have as part of the power team.”

Within 5 years we turned a “cottage law practice” into a national mulit- million business disrupting the profession along the way.

Christiane Etienne

CEO / FOUNDER Win Win Super Claims

John Bachitis

CEO / FOUNDER Franchise Fitouts Group

“I still remember sitting at my desk and thinking “that’s it, i’m done”, feeling totally deflated.
I had spent 8 years building my business to where it was and noting I tried seemed to ever work – I was going backwards.

The day it all turned around was when i accepted that i did not have the answers and surrendered to getting quality advice. That one decision not only transformed my business but also my life.

“The Grand Opening was a huge success. We had impressive trading and this was largely as a result of the efforts of Franchise Fitout Group. John and the team understand how important hitting that date was for us and from the get go, they delivered!”

Chris Argyle

CEO eReports

“I have just attended my third Growth Mastery Retreat and have been challenged and focused . Wilson is an awesome business coach, imparting the ability to achieve growth as a business manager to an extent I didn’t realise possible. Thoroughly recommend to any CEO wishing to unlock the potential of their business.”

Alexsey Chernih

CEO Hospital Fitout Group

“I came to Sydney in 1999 with a bucket of tools in the boot and a car that didn’t belong to me.

I worked as a Gyprocker for a commercial company during the day and knocked on doors at nights.

Within 3 months I landed my first job , two months later I quit my job and started my own business.

For 17 years not much had changed, Last year we turned over one million dollars but now we are on track to increase this by 300% over the next twelve months. Having a great coach and the right blueprint to follow has made all the difference in the world.”

"I would highly recommend the CGM group. What a mind-bending 5 days! If you want to grow your business fast, then this is the place to be."

Luke Smith

Social Media Marketer of The Year Finalist - 2019 Paid Media Consultant

Ian Aird

Market & Business Analysis CRICOS Compliance

“After resisting 101 emphatic recommendations from a friend who is the CEO of a fast growing consulting business, I finally got over myself enough to join one of Wilson’s retreats. Starting off I was quietly smug about the shiny degrees in my back pocket and my list of past successes, but pretty soon I realised how wrong I had it all. What I had seen as my strengths were really the very weaknesses that were crippling my business.

Wilson creates an environment where BS just can’t survive and ego and emotion get stripped out so the focus can go where it needs to – making a business grow profitably and fast. And then faster again! If you want to stay safe or think you’re smarter than the average bear, you’re probably not ready for Wilson. If you’re tired of your own BS and the results you’re getting and you’ve got the cojones… give it a shot and try to keep up!”

Panita Vig

CEO of Delete Defamation

Having been on the programme for 5 years, it is typically for driven and committed entrepreneurs who knows they want to grow their business and scale it up to the next level.

When I first joined the programme, I was already in a business for over 10 years, where:

– I wanted to take it to the next level but was so busy that I had no idea where to find the time and the resources to do that.

– I had been feeling a loss of love & excitement for the business where everything felt like an uphill struggle and I just kept chugging along.

– At the same time I had a deep inner knowing that I was capable of so much more.

In a nutshell, businesses in the network are structured or restructured to:

– Generate the most amount of money in the least amount of time in a measured risk way.

– Provide maximum value for your clients whilst generating predictable cash flow consistently, at the highest profit margins possible.

It is for those that want to consistently grow their business and who are willing to be coachable, because there is always work to do!

One of the best parts is having beside you a network of like minded people who learn and support each other all the way, through the highs and the lows. No need to do this journey alone.

Tim Eckenfels

Managing Director International House Sydney

“I walked in knowing I needed to improve my game, but I didn’t know how. By following a daily routine, my own to do list, and a commitment to the group, I am certain to grow as a CEO in ways I could have never anticipated or imagined. Beginning this journey will be a life changer, and I am so excited to be doing this!”

"Words can't explain the level of intensity that Wilson brings to the table. The growth from individuals is unbelievable. I have learnt more in 7 days with Wilson than what I have done in 11 years working in my business."

Donna Dingwall

CEO at Dedicated Repairs & Maintenance

Ryl Gardner

Business Architech Transitioning Coach

“CEO Growth Mastery has been a wonderful 5 days to refocus our business, discuss business strategies and consider a myriad of entrepreneurial opportunities – while keeping things simple.

I strongly recommend any business owners who want to play and grow their business beyond expectations to invest and come along. Contradict your narrative .”

Penny Tarrant

Real Estate Recruitment Australia

“Are you looking for growth in your business? Are you looking to grow your skill set as a CEO? Do you have questions about business that you can’t seem to resolve? If you’re not where you want to be in business or as a business person…. seize the opportunity to be part of the Wilson Luna group.

It is the most incredible entrepreneurial movement. You’ll get the answers you need, meet amazing people ….and probably make a few million in the process!”

Zoe Jackson MBE

Award Winning Entrepreneur London

“Wilson is the most incredible business coach I’ve ever worked with. Over the last 5 days he has helped me to transform my business and strategy, teach me fundamental business principles to grow my business in one year to achieve the same numbers I did in a decade. He helped me to shift my mindset and breakthrough my fears in order to succeed. The training he provides is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced which is evidenced in the room by the entrepreneurs who he has coached to grow their businesses to multi-million pound companies in a short amount of time. I feel very grateful to have worked with Wilson and I look forward to the next CEO Growth Mastery event – I know I will be attending this for many years to come. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as one of the worlds top business coaches!”

"If you want to become the Olympian in business than you must play in the Olympic village with other like minded Olympians and a coach to teach you and push you past your limits .. Wilson Luna and this network he has built is exactly this for my business. Learning and implementing Wilson’s learning has continuously double our revenue yearly, increased our profitability, specialised in an area where we are winning the market."

Corissa Sorbello

CEO Refurb 2 Invest

Melinda Williams

Director of Domayne Hire & Property Styling NSW at Domayne

“Wilson provides one of the most valuable business networks I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. He gives business owners the environment to grow and learn collectively which has resulted in many of us disrupting our markets and get exponential growth in industries that have been otherwise stagnant. If your a business owner that is interested in growth and your looking for a coach and a support network , Wilson’s retreats are undoubtably the place to be!”

Andrew Le

Managing Director Health Practice Digital

I started going to Wilson’s business mastery programs close to 2 years ago. A friend of mine recommended the program to me over dinner ‘You’ll love Wilson’s approach to business growth – he’s a straight shooter no fluffy BS about him’.

I knew that’s exactly who I needed in my corner. The insights and strategies I’ve learnt from Wilson’s business programs have been transformational – I’ve been able to grow my business 1000% over the last two years. The cornerstone of what he teaches boils down to 3-5 simple key lessons that if you integrate consistently – you will grow in leaps and bounds as a business person and experience exponential growth in your business. The problem is people love to over-complicate how to achieve sales growth in their business and get frustrated that they’re not where they want to be (I did that for years and it was tiring).

I can’t thank you enough for all your insights and creating a network of business people that learn, grow and thrive together. The level of accountability is unreal! When you have businesses doing $1-10m+ in the network, you have no choice but to level up at any stage you’re at.

Michael Dimitrakopoulos

Director Rapid Response Handyman Service

“As a member of 4 years, we went from no business to having a business that turned over half a Million in consulting fees in the first 2 years.

Learning how to also minimise risk, increase profits and most importantly knowing whom my ideal client is. Without having learnt this we would still be at ground zero.

Be part of a network that shares a common goal of the highs and the lows! Don’t do it yourself when you can learn and adapt by implementing what others have learnt in their experiences to help better our understanding of what needs to get done at every step of the journey.

Highly recommend this NETWORK if you’re serious about growing your business!!”

"Wilson’s mentoring and guidance is practical, direct and high intensity. His attitude and attention to an individual is invaluable. Thank you for adding so much value to my business and to my personal growth!"

Steven Barkho

Managing Director PRIME Estate Agents

Cullen Brugman

CEO | Sales Metrics Consultant Rapid ignition

“Spending time at a Wilson Luna event is like taking everything you think you know about business, regardless of how many years you’ve been in business, and transforming your business for the better.

It’s fascinating how the average business is actually just a sensationalised self-employed operation, where there is so much revenue being left on the table – ultimately, you don’t know what you don’t know.

The growth of the majority of the businesses at each event is phenomenal, and people have literally grown multi-million dollar businesses from an idea they’ve had at an event and with a combination of strategies they’ve learnt from Wilson that actually work.

If you just heard the results, it might sound like one of those ‘too good to be true’ stories. However as soon as you’ve spent some time at a Wilson Luna event, you’ll know exactly why it is entirely possible to take your business to the next level and transform your life, much faster than you could ever have imagined.”

Hylton Forrester

CEO of Hylton Chimneys

“As a building contractor, I was having the same struggles year after year. Something needed to change.

I was lucky to be invited to the mentoring program. It`s amazing to be guided by a coach who understands his clients.

Transformation is the word that comes to mind. You can get ten folds back when you act on the lessons. How we think about the world we see affects what we do.

I am honoured to witness the massive growth of many others in the program. It`s not about just acting, but the right action that gives you the greatest probability of being successful.”

Anthonia Smith

Accounts Executive Ungerboeck Software International

“Wow! In my almost 10 year career, Wilson’s 5-day coaching course has single-handedly changed my life. He is building a league of entrepreneurs that will undoubtedly disrupt industries across the globe. I’ve been privileged to experience it and the possibilities I’ve witnessed are unfathomable.

Personally, all of my limiting narratives in business have been completely expunged and I’ve been given REAL applicable tools to build a sustainable business. Not only do we get the tools, but we also get access to the powerful network for accountability and support.

What an inestimable gift!”

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