morning rituals to having a successful day

3 morning rituals to having a successful day

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Your morning rituals are more important today than it ever has been. Starting your day of powerfully will set up for the rest of your day so YOUR success is done on purpose.

Success is done on purpose. I want everyone to understand this. Becoming successful is not just getting up each day and thinking, “today is my day”. It takes hard work and discipline.

So lets begin with the 3 morning rituals to having a successful:

Step 1: Motion leads to emotion.

What I do every morning is get myself up straight away as soon as that alarm goes off and hit the shower. BUT, I have a cold shower. Where most of us sit under hot water in the morning, all this does is keep your state in sleep mode. So, I get up jump in a cold shower and no matter what I get under there.

Form there I will get out and immediately, yes even before I am fully dry and dressed, I do 50 push-ups. This gets my muscles moving and joints moving. You don’t have to do push-ups just do something that gets you moving. The whole point of this first part is to getting MOVING.

For you it could be get up, go for run, then a shower. Whatever gets you up and moving is key here because motion leads to emotions and we want to get your emotions high first things in the morning.

Step 2: Gratitude

This is the ultimate task to creating the most positive mindset before you start your day. I write down 10 things I am eternally grateful for.

Now, of course there will be “bad” days in your life, or what we articulate as bad days. However, this one task alone will set you up for the most amazing day ahead because once we realise how lucky we are with what we have that’s when our thoughts start becoming the most positive.

You want to start your day with the most positive thoughts possible, so writing a gratitude list will do this for you. It can be anything form loved ones, your bed to the food you have in the fridge, your clothes, and your wealth. ANYTHING. Just start in gratitude and watch your day blossom.

Step 3: Send love to others

The last thing I do in the morning is pick 3 people in my world and reach out to them via text, call, messenger, whatever it is and tell them 3 things I love about them.

You see I am a true believer in what you send out can only be returned back to you. It’s universal law (another blog post on this later).

However, the last thing I want you to do is send these messages in the morning because you want something in return. Send them out because it’s who you are. Be thankful for friends, family and loved ones. After all they put u with us right? 🙂

You will be amazed if you take on these 3 things for the next 90 days, watch your whole world transform.

Remember, these are morning rituals to having a successful day. I am not preaching you should follow them exactly or in this order. Just read this and take on rituals that…

1. Move you in the morning.
2. Put you in a state of gratitude
3. Have you sending love out there in the world

Enjoyed this blog? Well I would love to hear from you. What are you morning rituals? Comment below in the comment box and I will ensure to read them all.

HUGE thank you for coming by to read my blog and I look forward to reading your morning rituals.

Live. Love. And change the world just because you can.

Wilson Luna ☺

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