whats stopping you from success

What’s stopping you from success

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I always get asked the question, “What stops people from being a success?”

Most people break it down to the word: fear. Unfortunately, it is a word so overused, and has never been broken down in a success based context.

There are three main fears that cripple us or stop success:

1. The fear of losing what we already have.

When we have a job and a secure pay cheque, we can be scared of losing the security that regular paycheque provides, we can be scared of losing our superannuation or retirement plan, scared of potentially not driving the same car, and the list goes on.

We are anchored both in our emotions and thoughts. There is a strong undercurrent of fear, fear that we do not want to lose the things we already have.

2. The fear of losing people around us.

Inevitably, when we start succeeding, we are going to have to start entering different environments to accomplish different things, we are going to have to start opening different networks, we are going to have to engage in different conversations. And inevitably, with the change in our environments, in our networks, and in our conversations, we will lose certain individuals within our lives.

I am frequently asked, “Do you lose friends when you make it?” No, you do not lose friends. You find out who your friends really are. A true friend is someone who is happy because you are happy. And if accomplishing your goals makes you happy, that is when you find out who your true friends are, as they will support you along the journey. The ones that wont were never friends in the first place.

This undercurrent of fear, is that we do not want to lose people we are used to hanging out with.

3. The fear of failure and the fear of success.

We are scared of failing not so much because of what it will represent but because our egos will be hurt. The main reason our egos will be hurt is because of what others will say to us if we do not achieve our expectations. We would rather not even try than end up failing.

As big as this fear may be, statistics show that the biggest fear is actually the fear of success. We are afraid of how success can turn our lives around if we actually started accomplishing our goals, if we actually bought the house we wanted, drove the car we wanted, got our children to the school we wanted. Because, lets face it, that would change absolutely everything. And it would affect all three areas that I just mentioned.

If you want to achieve success and nail your goals, consider those three fears. If you can overcome them, you are not half way there, you are 90% there.

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Now I want to hear from you. Use the comment box below and tell me, has fear ever stopped you? How did overcome your fears? And what was the result once overcome? 

I believe sharing our experiences is what inspires others, so comment below and share.

Live. Love. Change the world just because you can.

Wilson Luna 🙂


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