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What you need to learn to win the game of business

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Entrepreneurs love to WIN. Period. Full stop! They just love the game and winning the game of business.

However, an article by British newspaper, ‘The Guardian’, British Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis, stated that that over 50% of small businesses and start-ups fail in the first couple of years.

Now there are many factors to this, but I want to cover a factor I see in many of the participants that come to my entrepreneurial coaching programs.

One of key shifts any entrepreneur has to make in order not to fail is EGO. It is one of the biggest inhibitor’s I see in SO many people in business, especially business owners in professional services like solicitors or accountants.

I find that people that have been in business sometime let their EGO’s stop them from doing the things needed to succeed. They adopt this attitude of “I’ve been in business so many and I have been doing this for so long, so I am not doing that”.

I can tell you now, this is not how you win the game of business.

All I would say to that is if that is the mindset you are going to take on, as if you are too big to do any job needed to succeed, then stop now. You’re not an entrepreneur.

I advise you to stay doing what you doing. If you’re employed then stay doing that too because building a business and making sure you are not one of those 50% that fail (and I can tell the number is much higher if you included self employed) takes doing things no one else will do to achieve what no one else is achieving.

Entrepreneurship is very different. It’s knowing that entering little games within a bigger game and the rules of this game is as much money in as little time, so you need to do whatever (ethically) it takes to win this game.

So, I will end this with how I started… Entrepreneurs love to WIN! Period. Full stop!

You haven’t time to let your EGO get in the way. Do whatever it takes and WIN.

Now I want to hear from you. Comment below and share what you are willing to do to WIN in business.

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