Live Seminar Events

Live Seminar Events

Live business training events

Wilson Luna events contain some of the most powerful and transformative business training content. Designed to massively accelerate your business success and wealth, his Live Seminars provide you with the missing pieces to create the financial destiny you have always dreamed of.

Famous for his live on stage business grilling (coaching), Wilson Luna will transform businesses there in the room by selecting entrepreneurs from his audience and coaching them live. His approach of deviating from the traditional ways of training has seen Wilson’s seminars gained huge respected internationally.

“I don’t provide courses. My whole goal in life is to build entrepreneurs”Wilson Luna


Wilson personally facilities each and every workshop and seminar, ensuring you get 20+ years of experience in the areas of money and business growth straight from the source. Wilson provides you full access to his knowledge and insights, ensuring you will receive the ultimate coaching and training experience.
Throughout Wilson’s seminars entrepreneurs are selected from the audience and given the opportunity to get one-to-one coaching at it’s finest as Wilson dissects their most confronting challenges. This exclusive opportunity gives participants the chance to learn from real life experiences of businesses from a wide range of industries and varying stages of development.
Modelled on elite flight simulation programmes, Wilson’s system replicates real-life situations to construct an intensive experimental leaning environment. In these interactive sessions, you will integrate new skills, apply new learnings and refine your responses to challenging situations before going “live” with them in your own life and business.
Wilson’s events attract international audiences. This gives all participants the opportunity to connect and network with thousands of like minded business owners from all walks of life. You are able to build key relationships with potential alliance partners and develop invaluable connections with prospective clients.
Pre-test your idea, strategically assess your product or service and refine your value proposition as you road test your offering in a unique ‘Focus Group’ environment before taking it to market. At Wilson’s seminars he uses his audience to allow selected participants to pitch their idea and get real consumer feedback.

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