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When a small business wants to get more clients the one big problem they have is that they’ve got this major belief that selling B to C (business to consumer) is the ideal scenario. So what I find is they actually believe that their ideal client is the actual consumer, Mum and Dad walking around or the average Joe Bloggs walking around.

The reality

Generally B to C is an expensive way to market because it’s hugely expensive advertising or attract the attention of that wide market. Advertising costs are just too high for the small business owner. Every large corporate want that market and they will pay over and above to get them. Small businesses don’t have the budget to even compete.

Niching is key to it all

Good thing when you niche is you generally find that this is how you reduce your cost in getting your message to your ideal clients. You see, you simply find someone who already sells to that client or niche and has the client base for you.

Now, let me use an analogy of a train that already services those clients in your specific niche. You don’t have to build a relationship with them, you don’t have to build a rapport with them, you don’t have to build credibility with them, you don’t have to build delivery reliability with them because they have already been dealing with the particular company that has built all that for you. Stick with me now.

Now, all you need to do is add your wagon to what they already offer, just jump on their train they have already built.

You with me?

When you go for this option you might be giving up some margins, but believe me, you shall still be gaining on the margins because the company has already built everything, built trust with the client, confidence with the client and pretty much track record with that client and all you have to do is add extra service, an extra product that is yours and let them own the client.

You see here how easy it is when you jump on the back of an already moving, already established train (business)? They’ve done all the hard work, you just need to do a deal with them and they offer your service or products to their clients.

It reduces your overall costs and makes your marketing costs a variable cost instead of a fixed cost. Why you may ask? You might spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands on advertising and what if it doesn’t hit the market? That’s it! You’ve blown thousands! This is not something 99% of small businesses can afford to do.

But the way I have just explained to you, if you are ready to give up half the profit share to the company that owns the client, you only pay when you are making profits anyway. They have to sell the product in order for you to give them a share of your profits, so you shouldn’t mind giving more. Your actual cost get to the market are variable costs and the more they get you to market, the more you pay yes, but proportionately because you only give them money when you’re making your profit.

Follow this and do at least 5 joint ventures like this in the next month and you will get more clients with no outlay and fast, in turn your business will grow.

You can hear more about this in this YouTube video.

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