Wendy Clarke Case Study

Wendy Clarke Case Study

Company Overview

Wilson Luna Review - Wendy ClarkeWendy Clarke is the owner and CEO of The Rent Guarantee Company Ltd.

The Rent Guarantee Company Ltd source and manage temporary accommodation for Councils in the UK.

Before working with Wilson

I had over £500,000 in mortgages, loans and debt which I could no longer service. 

I had 3 businesses that paid the same wage as a job.

I worked 15 hours day all in physical work but could never sleep due to not being able to see a way out because I couldn’t work any harder than I was.

After working with Wilson

I cleared all the loans and mortgages.

The Rent Guarantee Company’s turn over is more a month than Ive ever turned over in a year.

I am able to double the business in-between each CEO Retreat I attend.

We outsource all the backend of the business so I have many more hours to build the business and myself.

I’ve been able to invest in my education with Wilson for the last 3 years and know this is the key to the business continuing to grow.

Overall experience of working with Wilson

The 3 year journey of discovery of who I am and expanding my comfort and knowledge has not only benefited myself in all areas of my life because I am not the same person. I know I can take on anything full on and have fun while doing it, which was missing and made me feel burned out. Its massive positive effect on my children and therefore the next generation of Entrepreneurs. That is all we wish for in life. Thank you.

What value do you get from Wilson Luna TV?

Value beyond measure is not an understatement. Where else can you tap into a TV channel that has all the lessons you can listen to time and time again, as it doesn’t all sink in the first time you hear new information. 24 hours a day. All my other books and Audio’s are on hold until I’ve only listened to Wilson Luna TV for 90 days at a time straight.

Imagine how your life will look when you implement. What value do you put on your life being the best it can be. From travelling the world to enjoying life and business and having fun is priceless. I encourage all my friends and clients to experience this way of life. I have found a true network where collaboration alliances and friendships build you and grow you. This is what was missing making business a lonely road.

This year I will have generated enough income to buy the house, the car, the experiences I would like and need in order to continue to grow in such a way that you enjoy the journey of life and business.



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