Nathan & Karnie Case Study

Nathan & Karnie Case Study

Company Overview

Dental Conversions
Nathan and Karnie Paris are the owners Dental Conversions.

Dental Conversions helps Dentists and Orthodontists increase their treatment conversions, typically adding 30K-60K in EXTRA treatments within 3 months…while saving the staff hours of time.

Before working with Wilson

Before Wilson Luna we had no business and were in over $80,000 in debt. Every month our family (3 kids) was going more into debt. One month we got to the point we couldn’t pay a phone bill, and knew we had to take control…and then we met Wilson.

After working with Wilson

Since Wilson we have created a successful (and award winning) business employing staff both on and offshore that is earning over $750,000 in revenue annually.

Following Wilson’s advice to further niche and focus on increasing profitability, we have recently launched our newest venture, Dental Conversions, and are now specialising in the Dental Industry, and forecasted for a $2M trail business by the end of 2016.

Overall experience of working with Wilson

Without Wilson’s advice along the way, none of this would have been possible. We put in the hours, and the grind, but having Wilson there as a “silent partner” has been invaluable.

He removes the BS, political correctness, and “4 Hour a week” crap, and provides us with simple and proven steps, that if followed, AND executed on…it would be hard for success not to hit you in the face..

As Wilson often says “It is simple, but not easy”.

What value do you get from Wilson Luna TV?

Wilson Luna TV allows access to Wilson’s advice 24/7. The subscription gives us hours and hours of content on how businesses in similar industries tackle similar challenges, and the solutions. It also has the “basics of business” (which we have found most small businesses are missing) right there at your fingertips.

So at anytime, if you have a challenge, chances are there is an example of it in Wilson Luna TV.

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