John Bachtis Case Study

John Bachtis Case Study

Company Overview

J-Style Creations
John Bachtis is the CEO and Owner of J-Style Creations.

Originally started as a kitchen installation only company. Started progressing into manufacturing as well. Spent a few years in the residential joinary market. They now do commercial fit-outs in the childcare industry and franchise fit-outs for major brands.

Before working with Wilson

Approximately 2 and half years ago I was ready to close my business which I had spent 8 years of my life building. I was in a very low place in my life which was beginning to effect my relationships. I was struggling with customers and having drama after drama. As much as I tried and I pushed I could never seem to move further than where I was with the knowledge I had. Revenue at this point was hovering around the $500k to $600k mark.

After working with Wilson

Most importantly I am the happiest I have been in a vary long time. Wilson showed me how to let go, which was the first and biggest step moving forward. Along the way I was given tools to grow myself and business alike. These tools may be simple at times but the coaching to implement was invaluable. Today my business has grown 4 fold including having to recruit an awesome team and create awesome alliances to be able to handle the constant and massive growth. We now have relationships with top tier builders and clients I enjoy spending time with and learning from. Revenue now is growing rapidly, this financial year we will far exceed $2,000,000 with endless opportunities ahead.

Overall experience of working with Wilson

I am forever grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with someone who cares more about reaching my dreams as what I do. I have learnt to distinguish the difference of working in a business and working on a business and step into the entrepreneur roll I had dreamt of years ago. A true master in his field.

What value do you get from Wilson Luna TV?

Wilson Luna TV is the entrepreneurs encyclopaedia any entrepreneur needs. It provides information you cannot get anywhere else. It seems to give you the answer of a problem even when sometime you may not be searching for it. It requires you to listen to it multiple times as you get a new session every time depending what you’re at.



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