Hylton Forrester Case Study

Hylton Forrester Case Study

Company Overview

hylton construction

Hylton Forrester is the CEO and owner of Hylton Construction Ltd.

They create space in properties with Lofts extensions, Chimney removal and support and extensions.

They create space by extending your home. This brings more value to your property lofts and extensions can add 40% to your property and chimneys breast removals can add up to 10% more space to the rooms.

Before working with Wilson

I started with Wilson Luna coaching course in a partnership. I was desperate to do some changes because we was not making any money bout working hard. I wanted a guide, a coach, a mentor. I have always been a person with a thirst for knowledge. So after getting an email to go to a free event I went. I was blown away the Wilson knowledge and understanding. It was as though he was talking to me alone, one on one. I asked my business partner at the time if I could joine and he said yes. The rest is history.

After working with Wilson

The Wilson Luna experiences has taken the (none me) off, over the years three years that I have signed up with him. I am confident I have the ingredients that will build a great business and position me as a fantastic business man that can grow any business to millions. I know it is not about Wilson Luna, it is about me and what I am doing with the content on the course.

Overall experience of working with Wilson

Wilson’s teaching style is strong and that’s the reason I have spent 3 years working on myself and business My experience with the retreat I got in the first dinner with Wilson Luna and the first day. Business needs to be FUN. Fun all day long love what you do. You are total already stop reading books listening to tapes, seeking that golden Idea to makes you money overnight. That spiritual level that will position you in that perfect place so you attract it all. I am already whole total it is just in the doing with that what I am now, that’s it. You cannot get more intelligent than you are right now. That is where total confidence live.

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