Annabel Wood Case Study

Annabel Wood Case Study

Company Overview

Simply First Aid

Annabel Wood is CEO and owner of Simply First Aid.

They are a First Aid training business that delivers nationally accredited first aid courses to corporate organisations and to the public. They specialise in tailored courses delivered by industry specialists for those who work with children.

They currently work with Registered Training Organisations who deliver the Certificate III / Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care, to decrease the risk of their registration being suspended or cancelled.

Before working with Wilson

Before working with Wilson, I had only just started my business and had been trading for 1 month with less than $1000 revenue. My thoughts at this time were that everyone needed first aid training, so I would make a tonne of money in this business and I just needed a fantastic website, logo, and to advertise heaps! I basically had no plan, no specific client and pretty much no idea about business!

After working with Wilson

In under 2 years on the program, I have increased my monthly turnover from under $1000 per month to $8000 per month. After this latest business retreat, I now have a 90 day activity plan that will see my monthly revenue significantly increase again to $40,000/month minimum – just by doing what Wilson has taught us! The exciting thing, is that this is just the beginning. There is so much more opportunity than I ever imagined. I am expecting my revenue to keep multiplying exponentially as long as I continue to listen to Wilson and follow the basic rules of business he teaches us.

Overall experience of working with Wilson

Wilson’s style is different to any other coach or mentor I have come across before. He is not interested in spoon-feeding his clients with information or answers. What he does instead, is teach us how to find the answers ourselves. This is very empowering and allows our success to be independent of him. Wilson has a skill of finding our “buttons” and pushing them to a point where our learning is significant & powerful every time we see him. We can’t help but grow as an entrepreneur with every interaction.

What value do you get from Wilson Luna TV?

I can’t imagine my entrepreneurial journey without Wilson. The value is extraordinary! There are a variety of different ways to access his teachings from live events, business retreats, webinars, periscopes, facebook, YouTube and the hundreds of hours of videos available 24/7 on the website members area. What I find is that the more often I listen to the same video, the more I learn from it – just at a deeper level! There are so many topics covered in the website it is unbelievable. There is a full library on recorded seminars, recorded webinars, videos on specific business topics and more. Whatever you need help on in business – this is covered in several ways within the hub! In addition to the content, is the phenomenal business network. I have made many close friends in this network of like-minded entrepreneurs. This in itself opens up opportunities and provides a supportive environment for our exciting journeys as entrepreneurs. In hindsight, knowing what I know now… if I wasn’t on the program, I would no longer be in business and would be back in a job living pay to pay.

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