Reviews & Case Studies

Reviews & Case Studies


Here you’ll find case studies of real entrepreneurs who have participated in Wilson Luna’s business training. Find out how these entrepreneurs have transformed their lives and businesses. Click ‘Read Full Case Study’ to see the full Wilson Luna review of each entrepreneur.

Full Wilson Luna Review from each entrepreneur below

Chris Green Case Study

Chris Green

Education Interiors

For 15 years I was turning over on average $1,000,000 PA. After joining Wilsons program and taking action on his mentoring advice my business has grown over 500% to date.

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Wendy Clarke Case Study

Wendy Clarke

The Rent Guarantee Co.

I cleared all my loans and mortgages of £500,000. My company’s turn over is now more in a month than I’ve ever turned over in a year.

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Wendy Clarke Case Study

John Bachtis

J-Style Creations

I was ready to close down my business that spent over 8 years building. This financial year we will far exceed $2,000,000 with endless opportunities ahead.

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Michael Perez Case Study

Michael Perez

MP3 Cabinets

Before I was working with Wilson our annual turnover was $400,000 p.a. Since working with Wilson our present annual turnover is $1,700,000 p.a.

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Nathan & Karnie Case Study

Nathan & Karnie

On The Fuze

We were in over $80,000 in debt & now have created a successful business that is earning over $750,000 in revenue annually.

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Layton and Mel Case Study

Layton & Mel

L&M Paint & Panel

Before Wilson we were turning over $220,000 per year. This year will turn over $1,000,000, with a projection of next financial year to turn over $1,500,000.

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Hylton Forrester Case Study

Hylton Forrester

Hylton Construction

I am confident I have the ingredients that will build a great business and position me as a fantastic business man that can grow any business to millions.

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Annabel Wood Case Study

Annabel Wood

Simply First Aid

I have increased my monthly turnover from under $1000 per month to $8000 per month. I now have a 90 day activity plan that will see my monthly revenue significantly increase again to $40,000/month.

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Leigh Beisel Case Study

Leigh Beisel

Eclipse Renovation Solutions

My was making $1.6m a year but suffering from the GFC and haemorrhaging $000’s every week. Working with Wilson I was able to build a profitable business from $1.6m to $3.6m in 2 years.

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Robin Carter Case Study

Robin Carter

Add Capcity

Without Wilson and the network of other entrepreneurs in the group, this business would never have been created. I now have a business with the beginnings of a healthy residual trail income.

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Vin Chu Case Study

Vin Chu

London Coffee Tech

Before I joined Wilsons program, I have not been able start any business ventures successfully. Wilson has been coaching with my business so closely to give me what I need to do for getting in front of my ideal clients.

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Micahel and Corissa Case Study

Michael & Corissa

Refurb to Sell

We didn’t have a business or business idea before Wilson. Now, our second financial year of business we have turned over $260,000.

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