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Who is Wilson Luna?

Who is Wilson Luna?

Wilson Luna builds entrepreneurs

Wilson Luna is an High Performance Business Coach, Best-Selling-Author and Self-Made Millionaire who today coaches and inspires entrepreneurs globally to achieve success in business through his private online entrepreneur training hub Wilson Luna TV, Live Seminars and CEO Destiny Retreats.

His cutting edge live workshops have been delivered to over 50,000 entrepreneurs across three continents.

“Becoming successful is done on purpose, not by accident”Wilson Luna


Wilson Luna was born 1971 in Montevideo, Uruguay before migrating to Australia at age 3.

At 17, Wilson moved 800km’s away from home to a caravan park in Lismore, NSW. He survived by juggling jobs whilst completing his Bachelor degree in Business, double majoring in Accounting and Finance, from the University of New England.

Post graduation, he returned to Sydney, entering the workforce in highly sought accounting roles. These included a prestigious chartered accounting firm, and a C-level mentorship role working under leading oil industry executives.

At 24, Wilson launched his first successful business venture in the property development space. After very early success, media coverage, and innovative market leading business strategies, Wilson Luna was dubbed by many an industry ‘Wiz Kid’ and the company became one of the leading boutique developers.
In his early 30s, Wilson suffered a devastating financial loss – losing every cent through reckless stock market and angel investing. The pain of the loss created an obsession with turning the situation around. He immersed in mastering his strengths: Business Analysis, Business Development and Capital Raising. The years that followed lead to some of his biggest wins, including the successful building of a high net-worth Business Consulting Company, Financial Advice practice.

By 40, Wilson had also launched a Financial Literacy Project to help struggling families, through an interactive online education platform, resource hub and best selling book series, distributed Australia-wide via leading book stores (Your Family Your Money).

Today, Wilson Luna runs an International Business Coaching organisation, designed for entrepreneurs seeking to take their business to the next level. His cutting edge live workshops have been delivered to over 50,000 entrepreneurs across three continents. This year has also seen the public launch of Wilson Luna TV, a next generation content-rich online entrepreneur training platform.

Wilson spends most of his free time with his two sons, Ethan and Sky, and his passions include writing, delivering keynotes and sharing his business experience with corporates and entrepreneurs internationally.



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