3 truths about being an entrepreneur that most won’t tell you.

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The most frustrating thing about being an educator in the industry I am in it the Bulls*** that is taught out there. 90% of what’s out there is not teaching the truths about being an entrepreneur.

I can’t stand some of things I come across on social media where people promise the world to you with no work involved. Let me start by saying there is no such thing as an overnight success, it’s NEVER happened in all of mankind and it’s not going to happen now.

So, let tell you’re the 3 truths about being an entrepreneur.

Truth 1: It is a RISK.

Oh my god, yes I said it. There is risk in being an entrepreneur. I can not tell you how many times I say this and constantly people will come up to me and say “But, I have heard there is this other way I can do it with no risk and make money VERY quickly.”

Let me tell you, I have been around business long enough and seen some of the most promising ventures with some of the world’s best CEO’s behind them and still not work out. Did they fail? NO. (I have a video for you on how failure doesn’t exist on my YouTube channel)

Risk is part of being an on entrepreneur. You can’t avoid it but you can mitigate it. That’s the goal of any entrepreneur. Maximise your returns and minimise your risk.

Truth 2: You will not gain more time working for yourself 

This one is one I feel many reject; hence they never create the success they truly desire. If you decide to become an entrepreneur and want to build 7 figure businesses, sorry but you will not spend more time with family and at home by going to work for yourself.

By becoming an entrepreneur you are saying I want to earn the money most earn in a lifetime in the space of a few years. This takes hard work and time. For at least the first 3-5 years of building your business you will need to make your business your number 1 priority.

Truth 3: You will have critics

You will have people telling you you’re crazy, Uncle Bob will be saying “stop what you’re doing, it’s wrong” and you will have people try to put you down.

Firstly, I want you to know this has nothing to do with you. This is their sh** to deal it, not yours. I love the saying from Abraham Lincoln “So you have people that don’t like you? Great, that means you stood for something in life”. I truly believe that and live by this saying.

One of the best signs that will indicate you are succeeding is the critic talking about you. Now this does not mean go out there and want every one to hate, it just means when the critics come do not let them bother you. And they will come as it does with everyone who strives for success.

This is a blog post I could write a book about, but I wanted to you leave you 3 things that I know if you read this and take it like you should (yes, that means read it again J) you will know some truths about being an entrepreneur that will help prepare for the big task ahead of you.

Go out there and grab your dream. Below is a saying I tell all my participants that I find helps everyday in this crazy journey of entrepreneurship.

Now I want to hear from you. Which one of these truths of being an entrepreneur stood out for you? Comment below a let me know. I love reading peoples contribution and comments.

HUGE thank you for coming to my blog, taking time out your life to read what I have to say.

Live. Love. Change the world just because you can.

Wilson Luna 🙂

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