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3 Reasons you may not have the wealth you deserve

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Looking back at my life, by no stretch of the imagination was I brought up with wealth or a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, there were times of great hardship and scarcity. No matter what I did, no matter whether I had two or three jobs, it always seemed as though I was putting in all this work, and not receiving the level of money that I believed I deserved.

As entrepreneurs this is one area you must overcome in order to achieve the success you want in your business. If you are finding a problem receiving money from clients there are one of two issues in the way.

a. You do not believe the service or product you are selling is truly worth what you are asking for

b. You do not believe YOU are worth that amount of money.


Looking at the next phase of my life, I built a substantial amount of wealth. Although I was able to overcome the problem of receiving money, over a six-month period, BANG! It was all gone.

That is where the second problem came in, learning to retain. Because at some subconscious level, I did not believe that I was deserving of that level of wealth. That was the most difficult problem at that phase of my life, as I began to realise that retaining issues mostly revolve around self-worth issues. It is almost as though there is a guilt factor according to where we came from and where we are now.

It is key to learn your self worth in order to retain wealth.


The third one was the biggest challenge. Even if you can receive, and even if you can retain, can you experience wealth? I know many multi-millionaires who have all this money in the bank but are unable to get the enjoyment that they expected upon arriving at that place.

Guilt and shame arise, seeing people that we grew up with, and we almost feel guilty for the success we had. This is a huge one, and applies to around 10-15% of us.

Be proud (not arrogant) about your hard work that has put you in the financial position you are in.

Conclusion on wealth:

These are the three major areas that people encounter. I know this because I have personally gone through them myself. Today I am so fortunate to be able to show other individuals how to get through either one of those, be it receiving, retaining, or experiencing.

Which one of those three is currently stopping you? Comment below.

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